Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Principles of Personal Transformation

These are the Principles of Sacred Consciousness, offered to mankind in its search for wholeness, and for a return to the deeper truth of its divine identity.

  1. In searching for wholeness, to acknowledge our powerlessness in creating meaning and purpose in our lives without a deep knowing of God's love.
  2. In pursuit of truth, to come to know ourselves as sharing the same essence as God.
  3. In seeking love, to call upon the highest light to help us center within our hearts the place of remembrance of God's truth and love.
  4. In pursuing self-knowledge, to thoroughly examine our embodied life experience through the illumination and guidance of the divine presence within.
  5. As we leave the state of isolation, to place our life experience in divine perspective with the help of God and sacred companions on the journey Home.
  6. With God's help, to uphold our part of the Covenant by sanctifying our human lives.
  7. To allow the process of purification to heal all wounds, to bind up what is broken, and to penetrate all limitation.
  8. Within the embrace of God's love, to understand the cycle of karmic healing and to move toward completion of this cycle.
  9. Through the embodiment of love and truth, to heal the past and to bring closure to the karmic cycle.
  10. To consecrate our lives by bringing sacred consciousness to each experience; to live and speak truth on a daily basis.
  11. Through prayer and meditation, to seek guidance for spiritual growth, and to participate in the unfoldment for ourselves and for the earth.
  12. As we spiritually awaken, to manifest divine light and love and to carry this message to other embodied beings.