Principles of Sacred Consciousness

First Principle of Planetary Transformation
Unity is based in the individual consciousness of oneness.
As consciousness expands and matures within us so, too, does our desire to assume responsibility for the welfare of others and our capacity to do so. As we mature, motives toward action become less self-centered and personal and more inclusive of others' needs and concerns. As a result, we find ourselves progressively more willing to let go of personal ambition in order to serve the larger whole of which we are a part. This larger whole may at first be perceived as our family, and later our community and country. Eventually, this larger whole becomes all of life. Our movement into the consciousness of unity takes place in stages. As we purify, we become more aware of our reality as souls and the soul nature of others, as well. Increasingly, we identify with them as brothers and sisters on a journey home.
The process of purification strengthens the bonds we feel with others based on a growing understanding of God's plan for the earth and for the eventual spiritual awakening of all souls. These two emerging perceptions – that of the identity of all as souls, and that of God's plan for the earth – drastically change the quality of our relationships by establishing these within a broader spiritual perspective. No longer is it essential to engage with people based on limited identifications such as national origin, religious or political affiliation, or common personal history. As we experience the truth of oneness, we seek this oneness with others everywhere. Over time, our motives become one-pointed as we seek to bring truth and love to all beings in service to love and to the Divine plan for the earth.
Expanding spiritually into the arena of collective structures and relationships represents a significant step forward in our efforts to transform consciousness. The history of experienced separation from God is reflected within every area of human life. Therefore, in order to change human consciousness principles of purification must address this universal legacy on the collective level, as well as on the personal. For mankind, this will involve a change in institutions, as well as a change in individual perceptions since both have been affected by the legacy of separation. Here, the power of individual consciousness is key, for it is the means by which groups can be transformed through the embodied experience of unity with others. This is a powerful emotional and vibrational force which can beneficially affect all those around us depending on their soul's readiness to grow and receive. Through our words, our warmth, and our actions we can begin to create a new world within which we can relate to others, a world of harmony and peace.
As we anticipate this challenge we may well ask, "Is this really possible? How can we do this in light of our long-standing patterns of separation?" The answer can increasingly be found in our deepening experience of God's love and in our growing faith in God's sacred plan for the earth.