Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Tenth Principle of Planetary Transformation
Principles of Sacred Consciousness as a sacred community does not become embroiled in controversy within or outside of purification support groups, and resolves conflict within the community through attunement to higher truth.
Within the Principles of Sacred Consciousness Community, members are encouraged to speak in accordance with the teachings of the Tenth Principle. Inherent in this Principle is the opportunity to learn to bring more consciousness to the quality of our discussion of all matters including politics, religion, and other issues that have historically divided people. It is also necessary that we learn to disengage from all communication that carries qualities of judgment, anger, or blame.
Our societies are riddled with examples of conflict manifesting within and among groups of people. The modern recognition of this phenomenon is reflected in the term 'dysfunctional system.' As we purify, we grow in our awareness of what this means and increasingly see the parallels between addictive process on an individual level and addictive process on the group level. The fact that characteristics of addictive process within systems are so universal relates to the fundamentally spiritual nature of this process. What we experience as a result of our perceived separation from God gets transferred to our relationships with others. The multitude of collective forms that result from this are the primary contributing factors to an unconscious world–a world desperately in need of healing.
The way through this unconsciousness is simple but difficult. As the Fourth Principle of Planetary Transformation emphasizes, it is a matter of each individual bringing more consciousness and spiritual integrity to interpersonal interactions, wherever they occur. This becomes possible as more people apply the basic tenets of recovery and purification to every aspect of their lives. This commitment becomes more important as we develop the view that all of life is sacred, that all of life belongs to one overriding spiritual reality. Within this spiritual reality each part can begin to be healed through its conscious connection with the greater whole.
The decision to refrain from conflict in the form of argument, gossip, or unkind words and instead to remain in the vibration of love and truth, is the optimum way to respond to individuals who invite participation in unconscious behavior. This approach creates the possibility for people facing themselves, since there is one less person reinforcing the illusion of an externally-caused reason for blame or upset. The goal is to remain firm, clear, and centered in love while, at the same time, not identifying with the negative energies we may feel moving through us from the surrounding situation. Nothing jeopardizes the integrity of a system more than widespread participation with conflict. The energetic consequence of this is like a cancer that spreads and becomes a powerful anti-life, anti-growth force. This destructive energy has affected almost all forms of group process throughout time.
As more and more individuals begin to heal and to allow God's love to move through them to others, an alternative to conflict becomes possible. The fluidity of God's love within and around us becomes the life-blood of our collaborative efforts, eliminating the need for armoring in order to defend ourselves or our positions. When conflict does surface we are increasingly able to return to the precepts of purification. These precepts support a return to alignment with our own Divine presence and the Divine presence within others, so that differences can be harmonized in the presence of greater love and joining. In this atmosphere collective attunement to higher truth can reveal the partial truths that each one in a conflict speaks for, and a place can be found for each partial truth to obtain validity and value within the larger picture.
Time after time in the course of aligning we discover that it is God's intention to work through us. This becomes apparent as problems in our personal lives are progressively resolved. God's intention can also work through us with respect to the more complex problems of a social and global nature that perplex us all. The process of attunement allows us to retain spiritual perspective and to remain conscious as we engage with each other in different ways–as individuals, groups, and as a nation. It is a matter of holding the strong intention to remember who we are as children of God and seeking to wear this new identity with more and more integrity.