Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Twelfth Principle of Planetary Transformation
Selflessness is the spiritual foundation of all twelve Principles of Planetary Transformation, reminding us of our part in Covenant with God.
In this final Principle we recognize the higher purpose of Principles of Sacred Consciousness as the expression of selflessness and love based on unity with Divine will and Divine love. Our commitment to serve God and humanity as spiritually consecrated human beings forms the foundation for all that we do within the community and in the world. This consecration comes from an inner awareness of what it means to be in Covenant with God. This Covenant is sacred beyond measure. It is the foundation of our love and the purpose for our life on earth.
Selfless service, based on love for God and Creation, represents the expression of our part of the Covenant. When we love God and serve God's Creation with our whole selves we are fulfilling our part of the Covenant and accepting our highest responsibility as sacred beings upon the planet. Learning to live within the tenor and values of all twenty-four Principles bears fruit on both the personal and planetary levels. It sets in motion a wave of light and love that can encircle the globe and illumine physical reality. This vibration ripples out to all beings, creating a force for healing and transformation upon the earth. All beings seek to know their true identity and purpose and are seeking healing and wholeness on all levels. As we become messengers of Divine light and love through embodying principles of sacredness, we bring healing to the inhabitants of the earth and anchor the Covenant in time and space so that it can live there forever.