Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Second Principle of Planetary Transformation
God's love is the foundation and source of nourishment for our collective purpose.
For as long as individuals remain in a state of separation from God, limitation will occur in both individual and group efforts to serve one another. This limitation can be seen time and time again throughout history, where the original purity of principles impelling action in the service of an ideal, become tarnished as the effort was made to put that ideal into practice. In all areas of human life, moral guidelines for behavior based on attunement to Divine will, can easily be superseded by more subjective personal agendas.
For example, in the realm of business, political life, or public service, it is not uncommon for people to act out unconscious ego-needs which interfere with Divine inspiration in relation to group decision-making. This acting out prevents individuals from being fully present with open minds and hearts to serve the interests of a greater whole, and to respond to what is truly needed within that greater whole.
Within the context of purification, such difficulties based on unconscious acting out of needs are mitigated by greater awareness. Therefore, more becomes possible. As unconsciousness begins to give way in the presence of greater light, the motive of love and the search for meaning has a chance for greater expression as individuals begin to focus on their deeply buried need and longing for God.
The Second Principle extends our commitment to a relationship with God and establishes God's love as the foundation and source of spiritual nourishment. As each of us becomes more receptive to this love it can move through us with less obstruction. In this manner, both personal and collective experience can become increasingly infused with Divine love, enabling groups in all walks of life to truly exist in service.
Structures founded on God's love become alive. They exude qualities of a living organism whose parts work together harmoniously. Within this organism, fluidity and flexibility result from a willingness to be led by God and demonstrate the health of the collective body. Such a structure is infused by the breath of a powerful life force and becomes a source of that life force, as well. Within living systems, whether individual or collective, certain parts or organs have greater responsibility for regulating the life, health, and well-being of the whole. Within the individual human, for instance, the heart and brain are two such organs.
Within a group structure, the leadership bears a similar overall responsibility for channeling God's healing light and love to others in order to nourish them and in order to maintain the whole in equilibrium. Such individuals must be at a point in their own spiritual development where, feeling sufficiently nourished by God's love themselves, they can then offer it to others selflessly. With conscious leadership and conscious attunement to Divine will, a system can evolve over time in which all are nourished and all feel in harmony with the whole.