Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Third Principle of Planetary Transformation
There is no requirement for membership in the Principles of Sacred Consciousness community.
Our identification with fellow humans as having a common heritage and facing common dilemmas is the basis for the Third Principle.
This Principle offers an opportunity to compassionately embrace one another as spiritual beings as we learn how to be human with consciousness. This is the challenge that all of us are being called to face now as we spiritually awaken. As the truth of who we are penetrates our awareness, our capacity for tolerance, respect, empathy, and understanding also grows. In our interactions with each other we begin to embody the principle that "all beings are created equal." The premise of this statement is essentially a spiritual one, reflecting the truth of the oneness of humanity in its Divine heritage. We are all children of God; we are all returning home.
The following quote from Teaching the Heart to Sing, by Julie Redstone, speaks beautifully to the essence of this principle:
"All of us long for the freedom to be. Those who seek it consciously and deliberately have the vision to offer to others what they wish to receive themselves: love that does not ask except to give, to nurture, and to provide the conditions in which another can thrive–love that recognizes the joining between ourselves and another–the knowing that we have a common purpose and share a common meaning. This love is limitless, and can be offered to those who are near to us, and to those whom we don't even know. The sense of belonging will differ in intensity with those with whom we live and have an ongoing relationship, but the quality of loving need not differ. Love is love and can be offered to all."
Principles of Sacred Consciousness exists within time and space as a forum within which human beings may join together in spiritual companionship and communion. The above quote captures a fundamental purpose of this sacred community, namely, that of sending lines of light out into the world for the benefit of life. As light progressively radiates from each human heart, what is established within each individual, and for the planet as a whole, is the basis for the freedom to be and the fullness from which to give and receive love. As we strive to relate to each other in love and to embody the perception that “all beings are created equal,” we assist in the unfoldment of God’s plan for the Earth and prepare to share in the collective guardianship of the planet.
The foundation of the Third Principle exists in consciousness, and its external manifestation is reflected in the creation of purification support groups which embody this consciousness. Within such groups, and in their envelope of unity and love, the ways in which we differ can be brought to light in an atmosphere of respect and honoring, and respect can become delight at the diversity among us. Within this setting, our growing capacity to be in our hearts is the practice which frees us to be with others in greater harmony.
Where love is present in two or more hearts, the conditions exist for each soul to be honored fully as unique and precious. Where love resides, each soul can be nurtured and encouraged to grow to the maximum degree in the knowledge of the reality of their soul and of God's reality. This truth, initially anchored in purification support groups, can ultimately find a home in all group settings.
Specific purification support groups with particular qualities also manifest our desire to love and serve all according to the principle of equality. In order to extend the accessibility of the teachings of purification to all, groups may be needed to assist people who have special needs pertaining to physical, mental, or emotional limitations. They may also be adapted to respond to the cultural diversity of people worldwide.
The motivation for creating specialized purification support groups centers on the wish that all be nourished, that all be included in the community of souls who seek the truth of their inner being. This awareness and concern for others is a necessary step in our learning how to live together and how to honor both our oneness and our differentness, in a tangible and manifested way.