Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Fourth Principle of Planetary Transformation
Individual responsibility to the group evolves from embracing divine purpose.
As individuals within a group we are parts of a greater whole, and each one of us makes a difference to the quality of that whole. No individual is a neutral presence. No one is invisible. Our consciousness, or lack of it, directly impacts the welfare of others, whether we are aware of it or not.
Because of the relationship of part to whole, it is critical that we participate in the groups of our choosing with intentionality and commitment. If we are committed to the purposes of the group we fulfill that commitment, in part, by contributing to the life of the group and the experience of unity among members. In this sense, there is no difference between the content of the group in terms of its practical purpose, and the process of the group which involves the interaction among members. All groups, no matter what their function, in their higher identity serve an essentially spiritual purpose. To serve this purpose most effectively, process and content must become one.
Especially when considerations involve the transmission of light within the group and to others, the establishment of unity, harmony, and alignment in the group plays a central role in the manifestation of the group's purpose. If we do not take part in an active way in a group that we belong to we detract from the unified life of the group, even while we may be feeling that we make no difference.
Commitment to any group must be made thoughtfully and with a seriousness of purpose. Regardless of a group's function, commitment is sacred and binds us in profound ways to the others with whom we share it. Commitment to the sacred purposes of a group founded on spiritual principles is even deeper than this, for it involves dedication not only to the common goals shared with others, but to the goals we share with God. In this sense, our commitment to accept personal responsibility, both when we are alone and when we are with others, may be seen as part of our sacred Covenant with God. When we move in concert with this Covenant, we unleash a powerful force for healing and transformation, both for ourselves and for others.
For many of us, this degree of commitment is a step we find challenging to take. If we eventually choose to take this step, we do so both for ourselves and on behalf of the higher purpose we share with others. For each of us, this greater commitment must include heart-felt appreciation for the many paths that our individual journeys have led us to take, even as we strive to attune to our common purpose. As we join together, the ideal we hold is one of respect, honoring, cooperation, and love. This ideal is the pathway to unity and the essence that binds people together.
In moving further in this direction, a natural unfoldment begins to occur within us. Thoughts that were formerly only occupied with ourselves begin to center around one primary question, namely, "What is the highest response that I may give in this situation as an expression of love and truth?" The inner voice which raises this question becomes stronger as we purify. It is the voice of our soul which reminds us at all times of our higher calling and helps us to remain faithful to this calling. When we follow this voice we not only become able to further express our soul purpose, we also become able to express the larger purpose of which we are a part. When we arrive at this point of thinking we have arrived at a new level of individual responsibility. As more of us realize that we are the larger whole of which we are also a part, the quality of our collective experience will reflect this and unity and integrity will be the result.
Sacred responsibility, when we choose to accept it, is also demonstrated by our willingness to assume greater leadership within the group or community that we are part of. Here, motivation is key, since responsibility for leadership needs always to reflect the highest standards of selfless service stemming from the expansion of love within. Healing within all groups takes place as individuals assume more responsibility in this way and as they act with greater integrity in relation to their collective higher purpose.