Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Fifth Principle of Planetary Transformation
The Principles of Sacred Consciousness group has but one essential mission: to carry the message of God's love to other beings.
The Fifth Principle of Planetary Transformation articulates the primary purpose of Principles of Sacred Consciousness which is to carry the message of Divine love to the world. We do this through a continual process of aligning with that love and through the renewed and deepening consecration of our lives to Divine purpose and will. The extent to which we are capable of growing in this direction depends upon our intention to purify and on our willingness to sanctify our lives so that more love can be brought forth.
All systems and structures in the world need to evolve in the direction of embodying God's love as their fundamental purpose. No matter what their practical purpose or function, their spiritual task is to bring this more limited focus into harmonious co-existence within a greater whole. This is the direction of spiritual awakening and transformation–to forever change the interpretation of physical reality so that there is no longer a division between the practical and the spiritual, or between the secular and the sacred. Even if the function of a group is very concrete and limited in its goals, nevertheless, both in structure and in expression in the world, its true mission is to be of service to all and to incorporate within itself universal spiritual values and principles.
The challenge before us, as individuals and as a society, is to learn to sanctify all forms and structures so that God's love can inform the totality of our lives within politics, commerce, education, the arts, religion, or any other collective human endeavor.
The fact that Principles of Sacred Consciousness has no purpose other than to carry the message of God's love gives members the opportunity to embody this Principle as fully as they are able to. With this as a foundation, all can participate to the degree they are capable of in the spiritualization and sanctification of an awakening planet.