Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Sixth Principle of Planetary Transformation
Spiritual principles contained in Principles of Planetary Transformation may be applied to all forms of human interaction and group process, while the structure for this sacred community remains separate.
The Sixth Principle speaks to the longing in people's hearts to embody ideals and to transform the world. This longing is at the heart of Principles of Planetary Transformation. Here, our goal is to expand and ground the consciousness of God's sacred reality first within ourselves, and then within whatever activities, relationships, or external circumstances we find ourselves.
Our sacred purpose leads to a natural flow of energy moving outward from our individual hearts to the hearts of others, and from the heart of the community to the hearts of other groups or institutions. The primary motivation which guides us is our desire to allow the river of love that flows from God to expand and pass through us unimpeded so that it may radiate out and bless the world. Our concern regarding impure motives and the possibility for contamination of purpose as we engage with the world is present throughout these Principles, including Principle Six, and creates a strong emphasis on faithfulness to spiritual alignment and to the process of purification.
Faithfulness is also maintained by not affiliating with other groups structurally, even while we bring spiritual light, values, and energy to them. The Principles we carry within our being are universal and may be applied in all settings, yet they do not require us to join or identify with another group or structure whose motives may be different from our own. As universal messengers we can operate freely in the world interacting with all the various motives of others whom we meet, yet maintaining our own center at all times. The organizational boundary we create ensures the sanctity of the inner process and structure, keeping our energy aligned with our central purpose and ensuring that this purpose is upheld.
The potential for each of us to contribute to the spiritual transformation of the world through the power of love and truth is infinite. Principles of Sacred Consciousness seeks to create an arena in which this expansion of heart and consciousness can take place. As more hearts open to the vibration of love and truth that lives at their core, there is a rippling out effect which can expand into every nook and cranny of society and affect every facet of daily life. This process must be attended to with consciousness and care as each possible circumstance for sharing is reviewed, so that alignment is continually maintained with the central purpose of these teachings and the energy behind them.