Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Introduction to Principles of Planetary Transformation

The Principles of Planetary Transformation are parallel in purpose to the Principles of Personal Transformation. Both are extensions of the Steps and Traditions of Twelve-Step Recovery. Both build on the seeds of truth in recovery by introducing spiritual principles which create a foundation for ongoing spiritual growth.
Principles of Planetary Transformation apply to the structure of this new community, yet its purpose is much broader than this; it is to serve as a basis for creating sanctified structures within groups and systems of all types through conscious group process. In this sense, the application of  Principles of Planetary Transformation is universal.
Principles of Sacred Consciousness, as a whole, is offered as a prototype, an organic foundation for the universal application of the Principles. Through our embodiment of the spiritual principles contained within this sacred community on both personal and systemic levels, we begin to bring sacred consciousness to the many areas of group process and interaction that we are engaged with in daily life. In this way, we become agents for change and activators of a new vision – individually and collectively – of a better world.