Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Statement of Purpose

Principles of Sacred Consciousness is a vehicle for change in a world that is embarking upon a new way of life.  This new way involves the total awareness of the sacred identity of the earth and of all of her inhabitants, and the need to translate that identity into new ways of conceiving of the self, of relationships with others, and of the primary relationship with God.  This new path joins with all that has gone before in the way of twelve-step recovery.  It creates a new foundation in principle and in consciousness, and paves the way for a new structure which can expand the human potential even further.  It is with the blessings of the Realms of Light that this sacred text is offered, for it shall help lead the way into a new society.
Principles of Sacred Consciousness is based on the principles of purification and transformation contained in the teachings of Julie Redstone.  

"For we are each to become stars in the firmament, and jewels in the necklace of heaven. And that which binds us to the starry sky to planets and galaxies and tiny seeds of corn falling from the husk that which binds everything is the force of Spirit, holding all in Its loving consciousness..."