1) The capacity for blending
Here, the interest of one does not get lost in the interest of a group. For each member of the group holds the common goal of having the interests of each one become blended into an outcome or goal that serves all.

Within each principle there are factors which can limit its individual expression due to conflict with perceived needs, and there are circumstances that resolve these conflicts at a higher level within the new consciousness of unity. In the elaboration of each principle, therefore, there is a section relating to these limiting emotional factors, and also a section describing the resolution of conflict within the framework of new experience.

In Principle 1), emotional factors that cause people to lose either their individual perspective or the group's perspective, limiting the full expression of 'blending', include:

Social factors that limit the full expression of 'blending' include:

Resolution within the consciousness of unity:
Blending can take place to the extent that each perceives a common sacred purpose that holds all together, a purpose that is based in love. No matter what the focus of a group or how practical its aims, the group's process must be seen as part of its goal - a goal that is essentially spiritual and moral.

Within this process and within the consciousness of unity, a desire emerges based on the sense of oneness, that all needs be met and that none be left out. This gives rise to a willingness to compromise or to make sacrifices when necessary in order to achieve a common goal. The striving to meet the needs of all is based on a belief that the inclusion of all needs is possible through alignment with truth, and that this truth can be discovered through prayer and meditation that aligns the self with the higher purposes of light. Such alignment opens the heart and clears the mind of whatever self-protectiveness may remain. It creates empathy with the perspectives of others, an understanding that truth has many faces, respect for the views of others, and the direct perception of the essential humanity and soul nature of each member of the group.