10) The awareness of diversity
Here, the understanding remains that while we are each part of a greater whole, each one has something particular and unique to contribute to that whole. The celebration of diversity and a kind of curiosity to know the origins and qualities that make each different, can take place when diversity still maintains a common goal of serving the interests of all rather than the interests of the self. Individuals can remain distinctly different from each other in their forms of expression and still remain faithful to the interests of all. The conflict that formerly existed between the self and others because of diversity is no longer present because there is no longer a separation between the self and others.

When diversity exists within the context of unity, then each individual soul finds their place within the whole, because within the whole there is room for each soul and for each point of view, no matter how different from every other. The critical aspect of joining with others does not depend on the absence of a difference in perspectives, but on the presence of the desire to find a common ground in God. What has hampered people from coming together in this way in the past was not the absence of the will to join with others of diverse backgrounds, but the absence of sacredness that recognized the soul-nature of every other, no matter how distinctly different their background. The recognition of soul-nature provides the glue that can bind individuals of different cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds, languages, and countries, for it recognizes the essential core which exists within each human - a core that does not get displaced no matter what the external representation of a person may be.

Diversity within unity is the motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America, and it is there for a good reason. 'E pluribus Unum' – ‘Out of many, One’, refers to the destiny of America, not merely to unite people from the many backgrounds who came to her shores in search of a better life, but also to unite people within a spiritual setting under the auspices of one God, though that God may be spoken of and understood in many different ways.

'E pluribus Unum' is the meaning of diversity within unity, and unity within diversity. It refers to the development of sacred wholeness within the human family, a wholeness which results in the ability of all of humanity to perceive itself as One. 'E pluribus Unum' is the most potent symbol of American character and culture, and it is the most poignant reminder of what America is meant to be.

Emotional factors limiting the awareness of diversity within unity:

Resolution within the capacity to perceive all as souls:
When the soul-nature of each individual in a group or collective is experienced as real, then the common ground for joining within that group is established, and no amount of outer differentness will be able to disrupt the manifestation of the higher purpose of the group. To arrive at this point, one must first arrive at perceiving one's own soul-nature, and so the path that takes the self toward a deepening of spiritual perception and experience is the same path that will allow the self to see others as souls. The awakening that needs to be sought is not simply the awareness of light, energy, and spiritual healing, but rather the unity that underlies all of Creation. Pursuit of this unity of 'All within all' will ultimately lead to the perception of oneness with all that lives, and 'E pluribus Unum' will become an inner reality for the many, rather than for the few.