12) The feeling of compassion
Universal love gives rise to the feeling of compassion for all that lives, for Unity is not a dry perception, but rather contains the heart at the center of every point of view. Compassion generates the desire to relieve suffering not only for oneself, but for all who suffer or are in pain. It is the necessary outcome of perceiving our life and wellbeing to be inextricably tied to the wellbeing of all. Compassion is the expression of the ability to "love our neighbors as ourselves." It is the natural expression of the heart, unencumbered by the need to protect and defend its own territory or to separate itself from the interests of all. Compassion is the emotion which binds people together in families, in groups, in nations, and in the world. It is the human expression of God's love that allows for the feeling of embracing life with tenderness. Compassion is the emotional aspect of unity that allows the heart its fullest expression.

When love overflows from the human heart, then the world is perceived in all its beauty, glory, and wonder. Then, there is no possibility for seeing the world as anything other than sacred, for its shining quality is evident both to the soul and to the physical eyes which are seeing what is beloved. This transition to seeing the world through the eyes of love allows for the expanded perception of an aura of sanctity around all that is, with a feeling of preciousness for every drop of life that exists. The experience of sanctity, reciprocally, gives rise to a greater experience of love, for what is perceived as pure and holy touches the heart in a way that allows it to connect with its own purity and goodness. It restores the capacity to love by removing from the heart, that which has distorted its ability to interact with life as a priceless and sacred gift, worthy of the greatest tenderness.

The 'aura of sanctity' which surrounds life means that there is no aspect of life, no person, no place, no situation, and no form of expression that can be held apart from God, either in meaning or in purpose. There is no such thing as a casual expression that one can be indifferent to, for all is holy. As a result of the perception of sanctity, one wounds oneself by uttering a harsh word or thinking a harsh thought, for the idea of wounding the beloved is deeply hurtful to the self, due to the fact that the beloved is perceived as beautiful and holy and one would choose to avoid such wounding at all costs. The aura of sanctity that surrounds each individual soul surrounds the earth as well, and love for each creature, large and small, for each blade of grass, for each tree, root, flower, and worm, is the expression of compassion directed toward Nature and the physical realm of the earth's life. But compassion also extends to the non-physical realms of life, to the many beings who exist in other spheres of expression whose lives, too, are not separate from our own. Those who are not incarnate hold equal reality to the heart of compassion, and there is love and tenderness that flows both ways, from above to below and from below to above. Compassion is the form of love that expresses both tenderness and the desire to relieve the suffering of all, as well as the wish to create ease, abundance, and peace for all. It is the benevolent desire of God to give all that is good to His beloved children. When it flows out of the human heart toward God and toward other beings of the higher realms, it flows as a form of love and blessing as well. It flows as the desire to bless God and those who serve Him because of the depth of gratitude one feels for the blessings that have been received.

Emotions limiting the capacity to experience or express compassion:

Resolution within the experience of sanctity:
To see the world as beautiful and holy creates a capacity of the heart to reach out to the world, even where reaching out was not possible before. To see souls as holy and of Divine origin, living their lives as the fullest expression of the flame within that they are capable of expressing, gives poignancy to all relationship at all levels of expression. The experience of sanctity or holiness infuses all with love. It removes the veils from the physical eyes so that no longer can anything be seen or felt with a heart of indifference. What is sanctified is of highest value, and so all that diminishes the other in life, all that diminishes the natural world, all that diminishes the expression of God's loving intention toward the world, can no longer be part of one's own feeling and behavior. The experience of compassion, based on the perception of a sanctified world, allows the human heart to be joined with the heart of the Divine so that there is only love above and below, within and without, and so that all is perceived as an expression of that love.