5) The acceptance of reality
Here, denial and manipulation are replaced by a willingness to see 'what is' because there is trust in 'what is'. The fear of death, for example, no longer infuses political conflict and life in general, because life and death are seen to be part of a sacred process of continual renewal, and extreme measures do not have to be taken to avoid death or the consciousness of death. This shift affects many of the personal elements of life that give rise to political debate - issues concerning health and ageing in particular. Industries that are based on the collective fear of ageing no longer have a place, for their consciousness becomes part of an obsolete need to prevent or deny the ageing process. This no longer has merit or validity.

The denial of death and of ageing, so pervasive in modern culture, is but one half of a tendency toward denial that relates to life as well. For in the separation from God's reality, there is also a separation from a more natural way of living in which what is, is perceived as good. Ageing has the possibility of being viewed in this way as does death. This is not the view commonly held today but is a view held by those who perceive life as sacred and who view it as held within the natural order of light. If a culture needs to deny the importance and sacredness of death, it will also need to deny the importance and sacredness of life. If it has the capacity for honoring or celebrating death as part of a cycle of renewal, it will also have the capacity for honoring and celebrating the seasons of life, including the time of getting older. If one leaves the circle of life, selecting only certain parts to honor and other parts to reject, then those rejected parts will, by virtue of the fact that life is a circle, interrupt the continuity of the circle and limit the capacity for an experience of beauty and sacredness within the whole.

Factors that foster the operation of denial and rejection of 'what is', include:

Resolution within the experience of truth:
When the self experiences life as of Divine origin and as infused in all aspects by God, then what is false or self-created due to motives arising out of fear and rejection will no longer be tolerated or given great value. That which is of Divine origin has a value surpassing all others, and the revelation of truth brings into consciousness the ultimate, irreducible value of life so that the desire to alter it into another pattern seems unnecessary and without merit.