6) The elimination of violence
Based on an understanding that 'my' life is not separate from 'yours', the basis for war and killing is undermined. There can be no killing if 'you are not separate from me' and if 'I am you'. The basis for all violence is undermined as a result of the perception of unity.

Factors that foster the operation of denial and rejection of 'what is', include:

Resolution through the capacity to feel pain and to hold the suffering of all:
The capacity to feel pain and to hold the suffering of all comes from the possibility of holding these within the consciousness of God's love toward all beings - toward oneself, and toward others who suffer greatly.

The direct perception of God's heart surrounding situations that are the source of great suffering, allows pain, both within and outside the self, to be held with a sense of peace rather than with a sense of protest. Without the perception of God's love tenderly holding all suffering with the individual who is feeling it, there is the need to either turn away from pain or to feel that something has to be done about it. With the perception of God's love, pain, helplessness, and the causes of suffering that turn into violence can be held within the self without having to be converted into external action of any kind.