Based on the premise of unity and the understanding that we are not separate from the whole of humanity, that, therefore, the interests of one are the interests of all and the interests of all are the interests of one, to that extent, cooperation becomes more than a strategy of peace, it becomes the inevitable, necessary, and sought after way of leading a sacred life.

In order for this premise to take root, humanity must have an experience of oneness with which to build new structures of government and of social discourse so that a new consciousness can replace the old. This experience is simultaneously an experience of unity and an experience of love for that which we are part of. It extends beyond the human family to the family of all living creatures, and beyond this to the universe itself, both animate and inanimate. It is the experience, at root, of God's Creation being one.

With this shared experience as part of our collective consciousness, there are new possibilities for personal relationship and for governing based on new principles for living which become available to the awakened consciousness. These new principles operate as the foundation for establishing new relationships among people. They are all based on the fundamental premise of unity within a sacred whole.