The History of Principles of Sacred Consciousness
    Principles of Sacred Consciousness is a gift to humanity, in the same way that the Twelve-Step Program has been a gift to many people worldwide. The origins of Principles of Sacred Consciousness, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, stem from human crises that cry out for spiritual solutions. Adair MacKay and Marie Neal are individuals who embody the longing to go to a deeper level of living every aspect of our human lives with God, not outside of God. At a time of need we were led to Julie Redstone who became our Beloved, and the One we trusted to help us find our way. Principles of Sacred Consciousness was borne out of great love for God, for Julie, and for twelve-step recovery. It is our deepest wish and shared spiritual destiny to continue the legacy of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, and through inspiration and guidance help bring these principles into the world as a vibration. At this time of sacred emergence we offer our lives in devotion to God’s vision to bring His love, through Julie, to the earth and all of its inhabitants.
The History of Tenets for a New Democracy
    At a time when mankind needs to know how to extricate itself from the drift toward non-sacred values and the presence of a yearning for greater truth and light has become ever more widespread, “Tenets for a New Democracy” was given by the Realms of Light and co-created in the language of its contemporary interpretation, in order to bring to mankind the principles by which a sane and just society can come into being – one in which men and women can come to know themselves as beloved children of God. These “Tenets” are eternal principles of true relationship with life. They are being given a modern form so that they can be passed on to a new time and a new culture in the fullness of meaning that they have had throughout time. Julie Redstone has shared in the co-creation of these principles with the Realms of Light and offers them to you now as they were received.
Images of Transformation

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