Images of Transformation

Front Page: The Sacred Earth
The image of a sanctified earth that radiates light from her physical body is portrayed here; above it, the Cross of Light that signifies the victory of light and of the Christ Consciousness upon the earth. The flag over America indicates the significance of America's destiny as a lightbearer for the entire earth and as an instrument for the creation of a new society.

Personal Transformation Image: The Sacred Human
Created by Johanna Raphael and inspired by the realms of light, this image shows the sacred human emanating light from their body and love from their heart, for the purpose of blessing and uplifting mankind.

Planetary Transformation Image: The Star of Hope 

The image of a sanctified earth is portrayed here, as with the image on the Front Page. However, here the Star of Hope arises from the earth itself, signaling the triumph of light over darkness, and the victory of the force of Love over all that would stand in its way. This Star is the assurance of the promised destiny of mankind being fulfilled.
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