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Light Omega - The spiritual teachings and writings of Julie Redstone
World Blessings - An online community of light whose purpose is to assist in the birth of a sanctified and holy earth
Prayers for America - Dedicated to the spiritual principles that founded America and to the upliftment of her people
Light America Spirit - A voice for the People
Light Omega-New Zealand - An extension of Light Omega
New Light Body - Linking the human and the Divine

Julie Redstone and Light Omega on Social Media

One World Meditations - Joining Spirit and Matter   
Strengthening the network of light and love that holds the world. A way to help with the process of planetary transformation, and also contribute to the expansion of light within the body and consciousness of all.

Purification Support Groups
These are a core part of Principles of Sacred Consciousness and we are in the formative stages of setting these up.  As we do so, we ask for your patience as well as your expression of interest in participating in such a group. You can use the link below to let us know of your interest.

More Spiritual Resources
Articles on Spiritual Practice - Learn about creating and having a spiritual practice
Pathways of Light - Meditations and teachings
by Julie Redstone
Light Omega Updates - New articles
by Julie Redstone
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Principles of Sacred Consciousness   Tenets for a New Democracy