Purification Support Groups
   The greater light present on the Earth today is initiating a process of purification for many people bringing to the surface  mental, emotional, and physical conditions that are in need of healing. This capacity of light to root out all that is separated from light and God means that much change is being activated today on a personal as well as on a global level. It also means that many for whom the process is not totally understandable or comfortable would benefit from knowing more about purification its purposes and the ways in which one can most easily move with this process toward transformation and an end to separation.

   In order to convey the understanding that is needed so that purification can most effectively take place as well as to uphold the vibration of light that helps move the process forward, it is useful for people to come together in small groups. Purification Support Groups are based on the teachings of Julie Redstone and arise out of the history of the addiction-recovery process which has enabled many people to overcome the problem of separated consciousness. It is not necessary, however, to have been involved with recovery in order to participate in such groups, for the ways of dealing with the pain of separation from God are many and all of them can become substitutes for living in and from the truth of one's deeper being.

   Help with starting Purification Support Groups in your own locale will be offered soon. The groups are based on the book presented here at sacredworld.net, Principles of Sacred Consciousness which forms a course of study and a structure throughout the life of the group. In order to start a Purification Support Group, however, more than a text is needed. A foundational understanding of energy, of the principles of light, and of the practice of alignment is essential before beginning. For this purpose, Adair MacKay and Marie Neal, Coordinators of the Purification Support Groups and founders of sacredworld.net, will be offering "Introduction to Purification Weekends" on a limited basis at some point in the near future. The weekend immersion is important in order to bring back to one's local community or circle of friends the energy that is needed to support group formation. For more information contact us at information@sacredworld.net.
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