Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Principles of Planetary Transformation

These are the Principles of Sacred Consciousness, offered to those seeking a new way of life for the earth, one in which peace, harmony, and cooperation can transform all levels of society.

  1. Unity is based in the individual consciousness of oneness.
  2. God's love is the foundation and source of nourishment for our collective purpose.
  3. There is no requirement for membership in the Principles of Sacred Consciousness community.
  4. Individual responsibility to the group evolves from embracing divine purpose.
  5. The Principles of Sacred Consciousness group has but one essential mission: to carry the message of God's love to other beings.
  6. Spiritual principles contained in Principles of Planetary Transformation may be applied to all forms of human interaction and group process, while the structure for this sacred community remains separate.
  7. The Principles of Sacred Consciousness group is self-supporting through donations from within the community. God and the collective heart are the source from which all decisions concerning money are made.
  8. Principles of Sacred Consciousness seeks to cultivate an environment in which each individual can achieve selfhood while striving toward selfless service.
  9. The structure of the Principles of Sacred Consciousness community is formulated out of the purity of intention to serve others.
  10. Principles of Sacred Consciousness as a sacred community does not become embroiled in controversy within or outside of its boundaries, and resolves conflict within the community through attunement to higher truth.
  11. Steps for expanding the community must be based on trust in divine will which dictates the time, place, and means for moving out into the world.  Such guidance is upheld with faith, humility, and purity of intention.
  12. Selflessness is the spiritual foundation of all twelve Principles of Planetary Transformation, reminding us of our part in Covenant with God.