Principles of Sacred Consciousness

Eleventh Principle of Planetary Transformation
Steps for expanding the community must be based on trust in divine will which dictates the time, place, and means for moving out into the world. Such guidance is upheld with faith, humility, and purity of intention.
The Eleventh Principle focuses on the way it is anticipated that Principles of Sacred Consciousness will move out into the world and become known. This way is through God's timing and plan for the awakening of the planet. It does not require us to foresee or anticipate which avenues of external movement will be useful or necessary. Rather, it involves us in an attitude of waiting in trust, with receptivity to the many possibilities that will be brought to us for sharing spiritual values in a more public way.
Because of our reliance on God's timing for the emergence of this sacred community, we do not need to control or predict the steps of this emergence. Nor is it necessary to fear the usurpation of the public spotlight by an individual. Emphasis on selfless service is the distinguishing characteristic of this community and of its leadership. The need to continuously engage in a process of attunement in relation to decision-making applies to public relations and is an aspect of selflessness. With trust as the basis for being guided to the right decisions regarding interaction with the public we can allow God to determine the time, circumstance, and nature of such interactions, understanding that such movements will be based on resonance with our underlying spiritual purpose.
In order for individuals interacting with the public to maintain purity of motivation, we rely not on anonymity, but on our commitment as individuals to the process of deepening purification. This clarifies our intentions and maintains them in a state of readiness to interact with others. As a result of the purification process, we may let go of any external standard for protecting our sacred purpose in order to realize greater responsibility from within. It is our faith in the power of collective healing and redemption that allows us to trust our readiness to take the steps we are guided to into greater personal freedom and responsibility. Faith in God's plan is the basis for our trust, and it allows us the freedom to be ourselves in speaking and in embodying spiritual principles that will bring greater freedom to others.
Offering the public information concerning Principles of Sacred Consciousness can therefore take place solely in keeping with divine guidance and reflect attitudes of humility, sincerity, and simplicity. Our calling is to reach out to others from the heart of love and to embody principles of love and truth. God is responsible for the outcome of our efforts, while we maintain the purity of our motives and actions.